With everything changing around you, one thing remains constant…  our commitment to building an enduring relationship with you and your family.  Here at Fox River State Bank, we are dedicated to meeting your every need and objective.  Wealth Management Services can provide customized solutions to those whose needs exceed traditional banking services.  They go beyond providing investment advice by offering comprehensive investment management services for various estate planning and business objectives.


As an investment manager with fiduciary powers, Wealth Management Services can make plans for transitioning and distributing your assets to your family and future generations.  They  are able to settle large, complex estates; serving in the capacity of trustee, co-trustee, guardian, or conservator.  With their sound estate planning, you can ultimately preserve your current and future asset values, benefiting you and your loved ones.


Our business customers can focus more directly on their companies with Wealth Management Services managing their employee retirement plans.  Helping your employees plan their financial future is an excellent way to increase job satisfaction, retention, and productivity.  You can provide them with feelings of security and confidence in their job - and in their future.


Protecting what you have, growing your assets in the future, and careful planning for your long term needs are important issues we can address.  Let us help insure the comfortable lifestyle you deserve, while providing for a secure retirement in the future.  Our experience, professionalism, and dedication make Wealth Management Services the right choice for you.


Do you have a vision for the future?  If so, call us today to meet with a Wealth Management Representative.



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