As of January 1, 2013, the standard maximum FDIC deposit insurance amount will be $250,000.





Welcome to Fox River State Bank!  As your bank's President, I am constantly asking clients:  "What are you looking for in a bank?"  And the number one answer I receive is:  "Bankers that truly listen to me."  Isn't listening such a simple thing to do?  Yet many banks are highly sales driven and too busy pushing their wares to hit their sales quotas, instead of making the effort to hear what clients actually want and need.  One of Fox River State Bank's founding principles was to provide superior, personalized customer service.  And I believe that is impossible to achieve without listening.  Your banking needs are unique to you, your financial situation and your financial goals.  After listening to your story and asking probing questions, we are able to determine your banking needs.  


 Keith E. Pollek

President & CEO

Once we understand what you need, our knowledgeable staff goes to work building your banking relationship. Fox River State Bank offers all the amenities of a big bank with a personalized touch you can only find at your community bank. With the best combination of exceptional customer service plus the latest banking technology, we are able to deliver customized financial solutions to meet all your banking needs.

Another distinct advantage we have is that all decisions affecting your banking services are made locally.  There is no "main office in another city" to report to; no "1-800" phone number for you to call; no hassle of paperwork being shuttled here, there and everywhere; no waiting weeks or months for an answer. At Fox River State Bank you receive local decisions made by people in the same community as you!

And that's it, folks! The whole package rolled into one community bank and it begins with simply hearing what our clients have to say. All of us here at Fox River State Bank are ready to listen to your story. Please visit us today and experience our exceptional customer service for yourself!