As of January 1, 2013, the standard maximum FDIC deposit insurance amount will be $250,000.



Fox River State Bank has found itself to be a prominent driving force among banks in Burlington.
The original founders of the bank had a vision of what a bank should provide for the community it serves. They sought to restore the sense of dedication to every individual customer just as a community bank should. This vision has become a reality as Fox River State Bank helps its customers realize their dreams and provide them with the highest quality financial solutions. We continue to accomplish this by:
  Delivering superior, personalized service to all customers.
  Offering the full array of products and services the banking public has come to expect.
  Fostering a sense of ownership with our employees by encouraging them to play a role in serving the community.
  Assisting in the promotion and development of the community in which we live and work.
  Creating value for our shareholders and customers alike through achieving our growth and financial performance goals.
  Providing our employees with a pleasant and challenging work environment, fair and respected treatment, and competitive wages and benefits.



 Experience the difference the minute you walk through our doors!

Fox River State Bank started as an ideal notion back in 2001. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to one day have a true community-based bank in Burlington? What at first seemed impossible gradually began to take a realistic shape. Within the next two years, $9.7 million in start-up capital had been gathered, 11 local bank directors were appointed, 13 employees signed on, and the old Epping car dealership was transformed into the Fox River State Bank building. When the doors opened on August 15th, 2003, Fox River State Bank was welcomed into the Burlington community with enthusiastic support.



A special group of dedicated people supplied their time and energy to establish Fox River State Bank.  They have created an aura which has evolved into the Fox River State Bank "experience."  Our employees, along with the bank directors, strive to ensure this Fox River State Bank experience soars steadily above all other banks.  By bringing together an excellent blend of high-achieving banking backgrounds, the Fox River State Bank team provides personalized services and customized banking solutions culminating in that superior banking experience for all clients.  We take great pride in offering this experience to everyone and understand our success derives from client satisfaction.

And now, as those same doors swing open each ensuing year, Fox River State Bank continues to draw in people looking for a rewarding banking experience. So stop in and see us! We are sure you will…  

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