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Frequently Asked Questions


Bill Pay FAQ
How do I sign up for online Bill Pay?
Online Bill Pay is available only for personal/consumer checking accounts. Once you have self-enrolled in online banking, you can click on the “Bill Payment” tab to enroll in Bill Pay. Use our Quick Start Guide to help you self-enroll.
Do I have to pay for this service?
There are no additional fees to use online Bill Pay
Am I able to make a stop-payment on a payment in Bill Pay?
Stop-payments may be made in most cases – See Bill Pay Terms and Conditions. Contact the Bill Pay provider at 1-800-877-8021 or Fox River State Bank at 262-767-8600.
Can I make automatic payments through Bill Pay?
Automatic payments can be made through Bill Pay and customized in several ways. Click on the ‘AutoPay’ option for the selected payee and schedule your payments.
How are payments issued when I send a payment through Bill Pay?
Payments are made using electronic transfers and bank drafts.
Can I use more than one account with Bill Pay?
You may have multiple checking accounts attached to your Bill Pay; however, you may only self-enroll one checking account yourself. Additional checking accounts can be added by contacting one of the Personal Bankers at Fox River State Bank.



How do I sign up for POPMoney?
If you have self-enrolled in Fox River State Bank’s online bill payment option, you are already set to send money to individuals with POPMoney. Simply add an individual to your list of payees. All you need is their mobile number or email address. You can also send money directly to their bank account if you have their bank’s routing number and the individual’s checking or savings account number.
How does POPMoney work?
PopMoney sends money to individuals either directly to their bank account or by notifying the recipient via email or text notification that they have been sent money. In the case of email or text notification, the recipient opens a link to a page that gives instructions on how to accept the payment.
How long does it take for money to be transferred?
There is a Next Day option and a Standard 3 Day option. There are some restrictions that apply.
How much does it cost to send money through POPMoney?
The fee for sending money through POPMoney is only 50¢ per transaction. That’s less than the cost of the stamp and envelope you would use if sending through the US Postal Service!
Can I cancel a payment?
Recipients have 10 days to accept payments sent via text or email. Payments may be cancelled as long as the recipient has not accepted the payment or if the recipient has not acknowledged the payment and the transaction has expired.



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